Web Content Display

Usability.gov.pt promotes good practices in the field of User Experience, applying them to the development of websites and portals for different areas of government.

The initiative provides code and design resources, open to reuse, which can contribute to create better digital interactions and also create a feeling of consistency among different online public services.

It is targeted at project managers, developers and designers that work on website development in the public administration, working as a shared resource for technical and theoretical resources that can be applied on public portals and websites.

Available tools for:

  • Designers – manuals and visual elements;
  • Developers – templates and code for reuse;
  • Site managers / testers – usability checklist for site validation.

The main objective is the improvement of the user experience across all of the public administration web presence, in accordance to best practices, and provide a share and reuse  framework that allows for rapid and efficient web development.

For more information, visit usabilidade.gov.pt.