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The Administrative Modernization Agency, IP (AMA) is the public institute that carries out the duties of the Minister of State Modernisation and Public Administration in the areas of administrative modernization and simplification and electronic administration, under the supervision of the  Secretary of State for Innovation and Administrative Modernization (following the terms of Decree-Law no. 43/2012, of 23 February, with the changes contained in Decree-Laws no. 126/2012, of 21 June and 20/2018, of 23 March).
AMA is the public institute responsible for promoting and developing administrative modernization in Portugal. Its activities are divided into three areas: public service delivery, digital transformation and administrative simplification.
This agency was created in 2007, within the scope of the Restructuring Program of the Central Administration of the State (PRACE), and resulted from the extinction, by merger, of the Management Institute of the Citizen Shops, IP (IGLC), of the transfer of duties of the Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation, IP (IAPMEI), who succeeded in managing the Business Shops, and the transfer of assignments from the Agency for Knowledge Society, I.P. (UMIC),  to whom it succeeded in the field of electronic administration, namely in the management of the Citizen and Business Portals and in the development of infrastructural projects, such as the Citizen Card and the interoperability platform.