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The ePortugal is the portal of public services. Intuitive and inclusive, it is the result of a constant search for facilitating the relationship between citizens, companies and the Public Administration.

Being the national single digital gateway, it is the privileged digital channel for accessing information and the provision of public services, being optimized for use through any device, be it a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Also noteworthy for its innovative nature, the Portal is adaptable to the user and fully customizable, allowing the change of menus and colours that make the browsing experience more friendly and adjusted to the needs of each one.

With ePortugal , the most relevant service sheets for citizens and companies have been revised to make their language simpler and clearer, and the range of services and applications has also grown, notably the Citizen Map, with georeferencing of all services provided by the State, the Citizen Agenda, the Document Wallet and the Online Certificates.

The ePortugal  also displays the chatbot Sigma, a virtual assistant that allows quick clarification of doubts, serving as a support for navigation and which can also be found on Facebook. With the help of Sigma the user can, for example, perform the "change of address" service.