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AMA is responsible for developing and managing new assistance models that allow citizens and companies to interact with the State in an innovative and efficient way.

Citizen Shops are one of the most emblematic initiatives of this area. It is a concept based on the centralisation of public and private – yet of public interest – services in a single space, closer to citizens and companies. A network in permanent expansion.

Equally important in the field of assistance are: the Citizen Portal, the network of Citizen Spaces, the Business Spot, the Entrepreneur Desk and the Citizen Map, which gathers information about all public services available in Portugal.

AMA is also responsible for providing training to all of its workers and all officials of the entities present in the network of Citizen Shops and Business and Citizen Spots.

It also manages the Citizen Call Centre, in the telephone 707 24 11 07 or by e-mail.