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The Citizen Map provides information on all Public Administration service locations, namely hospitals, police stations, finance offices, conservatories, Citizen Shops and Spots, among others.

The user can, for example, know the distance to, the best route, the opening hours and what are the necessary documentation, costs and legal deadlines for any service of the approximately 5300 georeferenced service points.

This platform allows the user to get digital queue tickets for the services available at any Citizen Shop and can be accessed at https://mapa.eportugal.gov.pt or via an Android or iOS app. It also provides information on the number of people waiting on the queue or the waiting time for the services present in the Citizen Shops, making it possible to monitor the evolution of queues in real-time.

All information is available in reusable formats in the national open data portal – dados.gov.

For more information see Citizen Map .