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The Citizen Shop brings together several public and private entities in the same space, intending to facilitate the relationship between citizens and companies with the public administration.
The creation of the first Citizen Shops dates back to 1999, in Lisbon/Laranjeiras and Porto, representing the landmark of the one-stop-shop concept applied to public service delivery
Citizen Shops operate on a continuous and extended schedule, from Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 7:30 pm) and on Saturdays (9:30 am to 3:00 pm), with duly noted exceptions.

The one-stop-shop model was developed to respond to the needs of citizens and companies: users value this integrated concept and the concentration of services and are globally satisfied with the services provided, perceiving the quality of assistance as "good" and highlighting the kindness and professionalism of the workers

In addition to providing comfort and convenience to citizens, allowing them to deal with various issues in the same space and save time and travel costs, the Citizen Shops also allow the Public Administration to share resources, infrastructures and platforms, thus meaning more efficiency and cost reductions for the State.

Since May 2016, all users of public services available at the Citizen Shops can automatically evaluate, via a QR Code or a free SMS, the services provided in these locations and contribute to improving the quality of service.



See here the Network of Citizen Shops 


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Training - Citizen Shops, Citizen Spots and Business Spots

Training provides employees with new forms of participating, implementing and developing the technical skills needed to perform their functions.
The Training and Skills Team of AMA also collaborates with the different internal teams in promoting training with other Public Administration entities involved in projects of simplification and administrative modernization to develop greater knowledge in these areas with all Public Administration.
In 2008 the New Learning Initiative was designed to foster the creation of new models of training, formal and informal, on-site and online, the latter using new technologies, learning platforms and e-learning solutions. This initiative also focuses on learning and practising communities, mainly to share knowledge and debate ideas in the areas of public service delivery and citizen services.
All training provided, including courses for entities of central and local administration, is duly certified as AMA was entitled with the certification of DGERT (Directorate-General for Labour and Work Relations) in May 2014.