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The Citizen Spot is a physical counter that combines digital services from different public institutions (or public interest entities, such as utilities) in a single helpdesk, with the assistance of a trained mediator. All Spots are equipped with a double-screen system (one screen for the mediator and one for the citizen) allowing citizens to follow the steps being taken by the mediator, in a completely transparent way.

There are more than 600 Citizen Spots in Portugal, installed in Citizen Shops and local administration service points, in a constantly expanding network.

At this counter you can, for example, take care of your Driving License, request a new password or a Property Description from the Tax Authority, present expenses to the ADSE (public administration's health insurance), handle matters related to employment and professional training, change the address of the Citizen Card, apply for the European Health Insurance Card or perform e-invoice services, among many others.

This model allows serving the citizen better, in a faster and closer way, while promoting digital literacy through the assisted support of a mediator in the provision of digital public services.
Currently, there are more than 600 Citizen Shops in operation, providing approximately 200 public services.



 See here the Network of Citizen Spots.