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Contribute to the definition of strategic lines and general policies related to electronic administration, administrative simplification and the distribution of public services, including interoperability in Public Administration;
Manage and develop networks of shops for citizens and businesses, using multi-service, integrated and specialized counters, articulating with voice and network service systems;
Promote the modernization of the provision and distribution of public services aimed at meeting the needs of citizens and companies;
Promote central, regional and local policies in the area of the information society, through the management of Internet and other similar spaces administered by it, in consultation with other entities with responsibilities in the information society, whenever justified;
Support the development and implementation of e-learning platforms and solutions;
Ensure external representation and establish cooperative relations within the scope of its duties with other foreign entities, namely in the framework of the European Union and Portuguese-speaking countries;
Give a prior opinion and follow up on public investment projects (PIDDAC) and give a prior opinion on the allocation of European funds, in the context of administrative modernization and simplification and electronic administration;
Promote and coordinate the inter-ministerial network of agents for modernization and administrative simplification;
Promote studies, statistical and prospective analysis and stimulate research, technological development and dissemination of good practices in the areas of administrative and regulatory simplification and electronic administration;
Propose the creation and management of project teams, of a transitional, inter-ministerial or interdepartmental nature, for the implementation, development and evaluation of modernization and administrative and regulatory simplification actions, namely through the assessment of administrative burden of the legislation with a view to its corrective simplification.