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  • Helping define the strategic lines and general policies concerning digital administration, administrative simplification and the distribution of public services, including interoperability in Public Administration;
  • Managing and developing networks of shops for citizens and companies, in a system of multiservice helpdesks, integrated and specialised, articulating with voice and network assistance systems;
  • Promoting modernization of the provision and distribution of public services meant to meet the needs of citizens and companies
  • Promoting central, regional and local policies in the field of information society, through the management of Internet spaces and other similar spaces that it administers, consulting with further entities with assignments in information society, whenever justified;
  • Supporting the preparation and implementation of e-learning platforms and solutions;
  • Ensuring the external representation and establishing relationships of cooperation within its assignments with other foreign entities, namely within the European Union and Portuguese-speaking countries;
  • Issuing a preliminary opinion and following-up on projects concerning public investment (PIDDAC) and issuing a preliminary opinion about the allocation of European funding, in the context of administrative modernization and simplification and digital administration;
  • Boosting and coordinating the interministerial network of modernization and administrative simplification agents;
  • Promoting studies, statistical reviews and forecasts and stimulating activities of research, technological development and divulgation of good practices, in the areas of administrative and regulatory simplification and digital administration;
  • Proposing the creation and direction of project teams, both temporary and interministerial or interdepartmental, to carry out, develop and assess actions of modernization and administrative and regulatory simplification, namely by assessing administrative costs of the legislation, for purposes of corrective simplification.