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Fátima Madureira

Fátima Madureira

Fátima Madureira is the President of the AMA Board of Directors since October 15th, 2020.

Graduated in History, by the Faculty of Letters, of the Classic University of Lisbon, she was Chief of Staff of the Mayor of Lisbon (2017-2020); Municipal Director of Mobility and Transport, Lisbon City Council (2015-2017); Director of the Brand and Communication Department at the Lisbon City Council (2011-2015); Director of the Department of Tourism, Lisbon City Council (1998-2011); Head of the Tourism Promotion and Information Division, Department of Tourism, at Lisbon City Council (1997); Assistant to the Secretary-General of the Union of Portuguese Speaking Capital Cities (UCCLA) (1990); Advisor to the councilor for Culture, Tourism and International Relations at the Lisbon City Council (1987).

On her professional activity, she coordinated highly complex projects, with a focus on results-oriented organizational development, on coordination and mobilization of teams involving multiple partners, and on communication planning with citizens, namely:
Organization and coordination of periodic meetings of managers and crisis management in Lisbon, including the implementation of procedures and infrastructure to respond to the pandemic.
Advisory to the Mayor in projects involving private entities and public institutions, from central and local administration, as well as with the Presidency of the Republic, ministerial offices, Patriarchate of Lisbon, in the World Youth Day in 2023 preparation, or the Armed Forces.
Creation and coordination of working groups, transversal to all the Organic Units of the Lisbon Chamber, for the organization of major international events.
In the mobility area, full reconfiguration and processes streamlining at the Municipal Directorate of Mobility and Transport, including communication with citizens; leadership of the negotiation process with business entities in the area of tourist transport; leadership in the negotiation process with corporate taxi and TVDE representatives; articulation with entities such as the National Data Protection Commission.

Creation of the Brand and Communication Department of the Lisbon City Council, with complete remodeling of the image and communication, activation of social networks, institutional website, editor of Lisboa magazine, implementation of the global communication plan and supervision of contacts with the social communication, in a transversal process to all the Organic Units of the Municipality.
External institutional representation of Lisbon, namely at the World Youth Day, in Panama (2019), presence at international fairs and roadshows in the tourism sector, planning and organization of the first UCCLA General Assemblies and participation in thematic meetings, design and execution of the project "Escola da UCCLA em Bissau".

Organizer, speaker and moderator at national and international events.
Diversified complementary training, with an emphasis on strategic planning, public management, people management, innovation, quality and pedagogical training of trainers.

Sara Carrasqueiro

Sara Carrasqueiro

Sara Carrasqueiro is a member of the Administrative Modernization Agency's Board of Directors since March 2018. She has a degree in Electronics and Computer Science and a Masters in Clinical Engineering.

Throughout her professional career, she held multiple positions in private and public entities, providing consultancy services in strategic management, auditing, project and quality management, engineering and information systems, specifically regarding the national health system, namely in the eHealth Network, where she participated as a European Commission expert.

From 2012 to 2018 she collaborated with SPMS - Shared Services for the Ministry of Health of Portugal, where she had leading positions directing and coordinating departments related to the national health information ecosystem, enterprise architecture and auditing, national registries and interoperability platforms, international projects, among others.

Sara Carrasqueiro is also a researcher in these areas, focusing specifically on Public Governance and Administrative Modernization and Innovation. She collaborates with different academic institutions, namely with the University of Lisbon, where she teaches Shared Resources Management and eGovernment.

Paulo Mauritti

Paulo Mauritti

Paulo Mauritti is on the Administrative Modernization Agency's Board of Directors since April 2018.

He started his professional journey as an attorney and a university lecturer. During his long experience in the Portuguese public administration, he worked as Legal Adviser, as Human Resources and Training Director in the Citizen Shops Management Institute, and as Deputy Director of the Directorate-General for Regional Development and of the Directorate-General of Local Administrations. He was also the Head of AMA's Legal Department and a member of AMA's Board of Directors in 2015.

Paulo Mauritti was a member of the Joint Committee constituted under the Collective Agreement for the General Careers of 2009, in which he was the official representative of the public employing entities. Besides, he acted as the representative of the Secretary of State for Local Administration in the Monitoring Committees for the Regional Operational Programmes in the Portuguese mainland. During his career, he also acted as advisor for different government members and was the Chief of Staff of the Secretary of State of Energy.