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Zero Licensing, whose official name is Legal Regime for the Access and Exercise of Activities of Trade, Services and Catering (RJACSR), is a process of administrative and regulatory simplification, providing the dematerialisation of several administrative procedures regarding the licensing of some economic activities, thus contributing to increase Portugal's competitiveness. It aims to simplify processes of installation, modification and closure of catering and drinking establishments, trade in goods, provision of services or storage.

It's an ambitious initiative involving several central administration entities and has a direct impact on the operation of local authorities, given their role of competent authorities for licensing and collecting taxes. All interaction between business owners and the authorities is mediated by the Entrepreneur's Desk, integrated with the ePortugal, waiving the need to contact different interlocutors. 

The legal regime was approved by Decree-Law n.º 48/2011, of April 1st, with the changes introduced by Decree-Law n.º 141/2012, of July 11th, and became effective on May 2nd 2013, as established in Ordinance n.º 284/2012, of September 20th.